This article originally appeared in Smith Magazine’s Fall 2022 edition.

Stewart Bain, NorthStar’s CEO featured in Smith Magazine. Space Jam by Pete Russell.

The proliferation of space debris already poses a threat to the safety and sustainability of the space environment. As governments and space operators plan for an exponential growth in the number of satellite launches, the potential for collision will only increase. In this article, NorthStar CEO Stewart Bain outlines the present risk for space flight and discusses the company’s plans to mitigate the danger through the introduction of in-space surveillance and tracking of space objects to enable the delivery of a new level of timely, high-precision information when compared to ground-based tracking systems.

The article also emphasises that NorthStar’s focus is not restricted to the Space safety but is rather complemented by the application of innovative hyperspectral technology to monitor the effects of climate change and pollution on Earth.  Space and Earth are complementary and interconnected environments. NorthStar uses its ingenuity and technology for the benefit of both.