The environment on Earth and in Space is threatened by immediate and critical challenges. Space is congested. Earth is suffering from vast impacts of climate change.

NorthStar’s vision is ensuring a sustainable and thriving environment for generations to come while continuing Space exploration and enabling the new space economy.


NorthStar is developing a satellite constellation and comprehensive algorithmic information services platform. This evergreen system delivers highly contextualized space-based data to measure, characterize, and predict events to enable improved behaviours, decision-making, and performance.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and fusion with multiple data sources delivers information and intelligence to customers via API, mitigating humanity’s impact on our Earth and Space environments.

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NorthStar values integrity, creativity and independent thinking. A diverse group of passionate innovators, we work collaboratively to deliver meaningful impact.

Be part of the team creating the infrastructure needed for the next technological, informational and environmental revolution, and empower sustainability.