NorthStar Earth & Space CEO, Stewart Bain, speaking on iHeart Radio with Michael Newton and Dan Delmar.
March 16th, 2024

“NorthStar Earth & Space with Stewart Bain”

“In this episode, Michael Newton and Dan Delmar welcome Stewart Bain, CEO and Founder of NorthStar Earth & Space, whose technology helps manage new space economy traffic in the sky, and support the sustainable management of natural resources on earth.”

Michael Newton

Michael Newton got into business because, as he explains, “it’s always better to pursue a passion than be forced into something you have no interest in. I was interested in owner-managed entrepreneurial businesses, whether running my own or offering consulting services to others. I’m interested in doing whatever it takes to help our clients grow and succeed.”

With a double major in accounting and finance, he was also driven by an interest in M&A and investment banking. With over 15 years as FL Fuller Landau’s managing partner under his belt, Michael has been actively involved in making deals for clients and the firm, having successfully led 8 firm acquisitions to date.

Michael brings over 30 years of experience in public accounting at FL Fuller Landau, as well as his experience on the board of directors at several not-for-profits and business organizations, to Today’s Entrepreneur.

Dan Delmar

A native of Quebec’s Pays-d’En-Haut region, Dan Delmar is an entrepreneur and managing partner at TNKR Media, a public relations and web content agency. He is an ex-journalist and news nerd with over 15 years’ experience in print, radio, television and digital media, now dabbling in political commentary with CJAD 800 and sister outlets Newstalk 1010 Toronto and CTV News Channel.

He began as an intern at CJAD 800 in 2005, eventually landing gigs as a traffic announcer, news reporter, producer and host. He can be heard co-hosting Today’s Entrepreneur Mondays at 7pm and guest hosting the Aaron Rand Show.

Stewart Bain

Stewart Bain is an innovator, entrepreneur, aerospace engineer, and the driving force in the development of NorthStar, the world’s first comprehensive Earth & Space Information services platform that will pioneer space-based SSA (Space Situational Awareness).

Stewart has been spearheading the commercialization of disruptive aeronautical and space technologies for over three decades. He was part of the original engineering design team for RadarSat 1 & 2, created the optical systems centre of excellence in Canada that delivered breakthrough fully-autonomous star tracker systems for spacecraft attitude control as well as precision optical intersatellite link technologies. Stewart led an international team of scientists from USA and Japan that developed high temperature asymmetric phenylethynyl terminated imide (PETI) oligomer composite material that won a NASA R&D 100 award.

Stewart’s current energies are devoted to realizing NorthStar as an enterprise to provide concrete solutions for some of our planet’s most pressing challenges with tools that will enable a safer and more sustainable environment in Space and on Earth for generations to come.

Stewart holds an MBA from Queen’s University and a Master of Engineering from Carleton University. He is a classical trained actor from the National Theatre in London and founder of the Ottawa Shakespeare Festival in 1992.