NorthStar is inspired to join this vibrant community and build connections to ensure clean, secure, and equitable access to space and help preserve our planet.

NorthStar’s Founder & CEO Stewart Bain shares his journey and perspective to enhancing sustainability in our geospace ecosystem, with an opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussion at SXSW in Austin, Texas, on March 13, 2022, at 10AM in the Austin Convention Center, Room 18AB

“We are Stardust…”

Innovation and Collaboration Vital to Earth & Space Sustainability

SXSW is the ideal place to talk about earth and space sustainability. Leaders, innovators, investors and creatives from all over the world gather here to explore the leading edge of technology, art and culture.

Stationed at this nexus, NorthStar is joining this vibrant community to build partnerships and foster connections. Our mission is to inspire action, leadership, and cooperation to ensure clean, secure, and equitable access to space while preserving our planet. It will take cross-sector and cross-generation investment and collaboration to empower sustainability on earth and in space.

Why does it matter? Almost every part of daily life and the world’s economy – as well as spaceflight – is dependent on satellite services. From digital technologies like GPS and communications, to financial transactions including banking and cryptocurrencies, to climate and weather monitoring, and our ability to fight climate change, we depend on data collected and distributed from space. As well, the revenue of this new space economy is projected to exceed $1 trillion by 2040, according to Morgan Stanley.

At the same time, the number of large space debris objects is vastly outstripping our ability to precisely track and monitor to ensure safe operations. The explosion of commercial space activities has accelerated the challenge.

Einstein said: “We cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it.” We must not repeat our past behaviours on earth, in space. Through our innovative technology and a shared common interest, we are empowering humanity to preserve our planet, and beyond.

As we come to the crossroads of sustainability and commercialization in low earth orbit, we are on the launchpad of the opportunity of a lifetime. We can both achieve sustainability in our entire ecosystem of earth and space, while continuing our advancement and exploration. To do this, we need enhanced awareness of the situation, to filter and contextualize the data, and to establish international cooperation.

At NorthStar Earth & Space, we are creating essential infrastructure and services for this next technological, informational and environmental revolution. And in doing so, we are helping ensure a sustainable and thriving environment for generations to come.

Our space situational awareness (SSA) satellite array and comprehensive information services platform will deliver the highly contextualized information needed to succeed. We will monitor and predict humanity’s impact on our environment to empower sustainability on earth and in space.

As well, establishing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria for safe and sustainable space operation are critical. NorthStar is taking a leading role in coordinating these international efforts to balance regulation and economic development.