The release was made by the World Economic Forum (WEF) on the 13th June to coincide with the Secure World Foundation Summit for Space Sustainability and to underline the urgency of concerted international action to reduce the threat of space debris.

World Economic Forum releases the Space Industry Debris Mitigation Recommendations for safe and sustainable operations in Space

To coincide with the Secure World Foundation Summit for Space Sustainability from 13th-14th June in New York, the World Economic Forum in collaboration with the European Space Agency has released the Space Industry Debris Mitigation Recommendations. NorthStar Earth and Space is among the 27 space industry leaders who have already signed this significant document which sets ambitious targets for responsible behaviour in space and makes far-reaching requests of policy-makers, investors, insurance actors and others, seeking to ensure that the orbital regime remains a safe and sustainable place for human space activities.

The document emphasises how space is now critical in supporting our modern way of life, from global positioning and internet connectivity to international financial transactions, in addition to playing a vital role in environmental monitoring for sustainability on earth. However, the proliferation of human-made space debris and increasing congestion  threaten the security and accessibility of the space environment. Increased collaboration and coordination in the provision of collision avoidance systems and data sharing are imperative, together with a clear definition of best practices, safety standards and a recognised regulatory framework. New developments in areas such as Space Situational Awareness (SSA) can play a crucial role.

In the spirit of solidarity and collaboration, the signatories to the document call on governments, civil society, commercial partners and industry peers to join with them in working together towards safe and sustainable operations in space.