240202_AM_PR_Mission Patch_1170x540
Earth “on its side” to represent polar orbits
4 NorthStar satellites in blue orbiting the Earth
Asset 5
Clean orbits are precision managed to ensure satellites operate safely
Asset 6
Near-earth space is a critical part of the Earth environment
Asset 7
Surveying all orbital regimes for precise always on early warning space-based ssa
Asset 8
Orbits are reminiscent of the grooves of Queen’s Jazz album

Mission Patch
01/24 Launch
First in-class Space-Based SSA constellation.


On 1st January 2019, NorthStar Chief Scientist Fred Pelletier and Queen lead guitarist and astrophysicist Brian May joined together with the entire NASA New Horizons team and their young families to celebrate the historic achievement of reaching the outer limits of our solar system.

With Brian’s support and inspired by Queen’s 7th studio album Jazz released in 1978, NorthStar’s mission patch and anthem for this inaugural launch symbolize our continuing endeavour to push the limits of human innovation in an unstoppable effort to focus on the young and coming generations who deserve a clean space environment to continue our exploration of this endless frontier. The patch depicts the four NorthStar satellites as blue rectangles on orbital paths that are reminiscent of the grooves of the Jazz album. The Earth is oriented such that the orbits are polar and clean.

Please join NorthStar and our partners at Spire and Rocket Lab in the pride that we all share to launch this first of a kind mission to keep Space accessible, safe and #sustainable.