This announcement by NorthStar Earth & Space on September 11, 2023.

NorthStar joins leading European Space Community members to sign the ESA’s ‘Statement for a Responsible Space Sector’

Following on from NorthStar’s endorsement of the World Economic Forum’s ambitious “Debris mitigation recommendations for safe and sustainable operations in Space” to coincide with the Secure World Foundation Summit for Space Sustainability in June, NorthStar has now joined other leading members of the European Space community in signing the European Space Agency’s “Statement for a Responsible Space Sector’ to underline the company’s engagement in collaborative, international efforts to achieve responsible behaviour and long-term sustainability in space.

The “Statement for a Responsible Space Sector” emphasizes that the drive to explore the universe and develop a thriving space economy should not endanger the sustainability of a unique, yet fragile Planet Earth with limited resources. Rather the foundation of a sustainable space sector with long-term and responsible development goals should serve to protect life on earth while preserving the space environment from such threats as space debris or pollution. In this context, the Statement focuses on such principles as fair and responsible governance, space for the benefit of all in society, fair access to outer space, and the preservation of our natural environment on Earth. In addition, these principles are to be underpinned by such values as Integrity, Identity and Inclusiveness, Creativity and Curiosity. Such principles and values can only have an impact through international collaboration and the formation of multilateral alliances.

On the occasion of the World Satellite Business Week (WSBW) in Paris, NorthStar CEO Stewart Bain got together with ESA General Director Joseph Aschbacher to sign this vital declaration to preserve life and resources in Space and on Earth for future generations.