This announcement by NorthStar Earth & Space on July 09, 2024.

NorthStar Earth & Space successfully validates and patents its unique space-based SSA Concept of Operations (CONOPS)

NorthStar commercial services will improve Space Domain Awareness to better secure and sustain the space environment.

Montreal, July 9th, 2024 – NorthStar Earth & Space (“NorthStar”) a private enterprise headquartered in Montreal, Canada with offices in McLean, Virginia and Luxembourg has fully validated its unique end-to-end Concept of Operations (CONOPS) using its dedicated space-based imagery system. In addition, NorthStar received a US patent for this CONOPS and has filed for two additional patents related to advanced simulation and data analytics involving image preprocessing, calibration, detection & measurements of orbits.

NorthStar has successfully demonstrated to clients its CONOPS, designed to improve Space Domain Awareness (SDA). Employing a wide field of view (WFoV) monitoring of near-Earth orbits, NorthStar covers gap areas previously inaccessible with current ground-based systems. NorthStar simultaneously monitors LEO, MEO, HEO and GEO orbits while operating over denied territories, and maintaining high resiliency against external influences such as weather or geographic constraints.

Space Domain Awareness of near-earth orbits requires an ability to detect, track, analyze, and catalogue high-speed objects that may exhibit both expected and unexpected behaviours. NorthStar’s WFoV object monitoring system more completely detects and characterizes resident space objects (RSOs) with unprecedented efficiency and low latency. NorthStar’s always-on system and distributed network is easily scalable to incorporate almost all sensor types (e.g., ground-based or space-based, optical or radar) to augment its dedicated space-based operations through data fusion from third party data sources.

About NorthStar:

NorthStar Earth & Space was founded in 2015 by Telesystem, based in Montreal, and KinetX, a specialized engineering firm located in Arizona. It has 70 employees, including 50 in Canada. NorthStar is the first commercial service to monitor near-Earth orbits from space.

NorthStar’s precise information services identify and anticipate the position of space objects to enhance spaceflight safety. With headquarters in Montreal, Canada, a European headquarters in Luxembourg, and a dedicated US operation in McLean, Virginia, NorthStar addresses the ever-growing threat of space collisions as a major contribution to empower humanity to preserve our planet.

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