We look forward to seeing you at AMOS from 19th – 22th September at the Wailea Beach Resort Marriot, Maui, Hawai´i.

“Always ON” to increase Space Awareness

The global Space Situational Awareness community meets this week to promote innovation for space safety and security. With exponential growth in space activity, interest continues to peak on the challenge of sustainability.

We are pleased to join world-class experts and decision-makers at the The Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies (AMOS) conference to share knowledge, forge new connections, and advance SSA.

The SSA community is increasingly focused on realizing high performance services that will address immediate challenges and advance norms to keep space safe and secure. With the launch of our ‘Always ON’ space-based SSA services in 2023, NorthStar will contribute continuous monitoring across all near-earth orbits.