Introduction to NorthStar


The world’s first comprehensive Earth and Space information services platform
NorthStar will deliver new and vital information to ensure the sustainability of our critical Earth and Space environments. In a 21st Century business landscape, NorthStar will offer commercial and government clients a means to combine environmental stewardship with economic growth. 

Space Information & Intelligence

NorthStar will be the first commercial platform to track orbital objects from space-based sensors, elevating traditional Space Situational Awareness (SSA) to the level of  Space information & Intelligence ( SI2 ).

Earth Information & Intelligence

NorthStar will use data as the building blocks to create advanced and contextualized information services tailored to client needs and requirements, elevating traditional traditional Earth Observation (EO) to the level of Earth Information & Intelligence ( EI2 ). 
Why tracking space junk is big business
Canadian company NorthStar wants to track space debris with a constellation of 40 satellites.
CIX Canadian Innovation Exchange names NorthStar Earth & Space as one of Canada’s top 20 innovative technology companies.

Global team