Jean-Francois Gadoury
Chief Technology Officer

Jean-Francois began programming computers at the age of 8 and has crafted a career of making technology companies successful.

As a Chief Technology Officer, Jean-Francois' focus is to find technological solutions to problems that are simple, scalable and reliable. He places high importance on the human aspect of building technology, creating environments where creativity, autonomy and accountability allow teams small and large to deliver projects they sometimes didn’t think were possible. Jean-Francois (aka Jeff) loves being told “You can’t do that because of….”. His answer is to work with his team and figure out how to it anyway.

Over the last 12 years Jean-Francois built 3 High Performance Teams, all involved in agile development of software platforms dealing with high levels of data transactions requiring real-time processing. These teams delivered projects in Realtime Audio/Video/Image processing: High-speed realtime forecasting of space inventory based on traffic projections; an Industrial Internet of Things where realtime telemetry from factories is used to monitor and enhance factory productivity; a transactional platform bridging the gap from the physical to the virtual for the car manufacturing industry.

Jean-Francois has served technology companies in every conceivable capacity, as junior developer , network engineer, network administrator, database architect/administrator, Director of development and infrastructure. He studied computer programming at the Cegep de Trois-Rivieres, and is trained and certified in areas including: GSM and CDMA(IS41) mobile network signaling, SS7 Network design (ISUP/MAP), Tekelec SS7 STP, SS7 SCPs, Juniper, Cisco Routing and Switching, IRIX, Solaris, HPUX, OpenVMS, Linux, Windows administration. He holds two patents related to Realtime Data streaming: US9236963B2, US20090287840A1.

Jean-Francois' colleagues best describe him as an Enabler and Agent of Change.