André Dupuis - SSCL
Senior Advisor, Space Situational Awareness (SSA)

André has over 35 years of experience in the Canadian Armed Forces as a senior leader in Air and Space operations and strategic planning. Throughout his career he worked closely with the US Department of Defence and US Air Force at tactical, operational and strategic headquarters. Via his participation in international and inter-departmental space programmes, André has a unique understanding of the role of space in support of national security objectives, and how space has become an integral part of the commercial and civil national critical infrastructure.

André has led a number of highly-visible command and transformational initiatives. He was part of the vanguard of Canadian military personnel who eventually became core of the Canadian Armed Force’s Space Cadre. His first space operations tour was in 1986 when he was posted to the 7th Missile Warning Squadron, Beale Air Force Base California, as Chief of Tactical Operations. He led the Canadian Space Cadre during his last 8 years in the service and had a key role in the recognition of the importance of space capabilities to the operations of the Canadian Armed Forces. His last assignment in the Department of National Defence was as the Director of Space Requirements, where he was responsible for all aspects of the delivery of space capabilities to the Forces.

In 2014 after retiring from the Canadian Armed Forces he founded Space Strategies Consulting Ltd. SSCL is focused on providing trusted, independent advice to the Canadian civil, commercial and national security space enterprise across the entire spectrum of capabilities.

André is a graduate of the University of Manitoba and of the Canadian Forces College, Toronto.