Delivering highly
contextualized Earth
and Space information
services to the world


NorthStar is a group of technologies which form a base upon which other applications, processes, and technologies are developed. 
The NorthStar ecosystem as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Space Information & Intelligence

The entire global space economy rests on the safety and security of satellites and high value space assets in orbit around Earth.

NorthStar’s high fidelity space object tracking services will deliver next generation levels of accuracy and predictive capability, and alert to potential national security threats.

Earth Information & Intelligence

Today’s EI² markets are urgently calling for answers, that will dictate the future of our planet and the lives of generations of human beings to come.  

NorthStar’s full coverage constellation will be the first commercial platform to utilize Hyperspectral sensors, which read the deeper chemistry of all objects on the surface of our planet and will unlock fresh, rich and vital knowledge.