No other system will have
NorthStar’s revisit times and
remote sensing capability

Earth Information & Intelligence (EI²)

NorthStar will be the first commercial platform to utilize Hyperspectral sensors, which read the deeper chemistry of all objects on the surface of our planet and will unlock fresh, rich and vital knowledge. 
NorthStar will fuse its own unique combination of high-quality data with other data sources, use big data analytics to apply machine learning and predictive analytics, and deliver three-dimensional near real-time Earth Information and Intelligence (EI²) services to citizens, industry and governments.

NorthStar will offer EI² information products for global sectors including Natural Resources (Sustainable Development and Exploration), Oil and Gas (Pipeline Monitoring),  Water Quality Management (Supply, Pollution Detection, Safety and Security), Forestry (Wildfire Prevention, Forest Monitoring, Preservation), and Agriculture (Precision Farming, Crop Yield and Productivity, Risk Analysis).